Ramm ND

Featured : Ramm ND designed these aesthetically pleasing work of art from our normal can drink packaging. There are already some mixed reactions from the public from the moment he showed these to the world.

Ramm ND


Featured : The designers from Russia - Hattomonkey came up with some very witty and cute packaging design.


Where There Is

Featured : Where there is smoke, there is fire" is a publication about the old Caballero Cigarette factory, which has been transformed into a creative work area. Where once cigarettes where made, now creatives projects are made by architects.

Where this is

Heineken Crate

Featured : Luis Luna, a designer in Mexico, came up with this innovative beer crate that I could imagine taking it to the beach myself to enjoy a few ice cold bottles of beer!

Heinekan Beer Crate

Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Vintage Package

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